6/13/2020 - A man (Trying to remember it now I think he kind of looked like my Weight Training coach.) took a friend and I on a shopping spree. While looking around I also saw a golf club and held it like a weapon but this lady gave me a dirty look for doing so. I ended up still paying for the items I was getting but only about a third of what the items cost, The items being 2 pairs of shoes, I think they were Nike. We then left the store and outside a group of people were doing the kazotsky kick and I joined in as one does in team fortress 2 friendly etiquette, in the process I almost fell over on to the street.

6/14/2020 - I am in highschool and the teacher was fuming, trying to get us to sign a reply slip. I think was spouting racist nonsense. I call her out for it and everyone is in hysterics. Class is dismissed. I decide to go home instead of go to the next class and I rudely tell the next teacher that I am not coming to her class. They were carrying a box wrapped with a wire mesh and contained white pigeons.

I was being chased by an anime girl up a scaffolding. the girl had strange superpowers, a green glowing energy of sorts. I manage to get away by jumping off the scaffolding and with the help of someone. Moments later I am leaving a cinema with another person. There are a lot of people in the city. A large monster appears a few blocks down the street and everyone starts panicking. We start running the opposite direction of the monster but another one was just around the corner. We pass it and try to cross a bridge which collapses under the weight of all the people trying to cross. A man grabs on to my leg as he is drowning and I manage to keep my head above water. My sister was also there, I think as well as an older man. Suddenly we are in the back of a white carriage and everyone seems to be rather lethargic. I was about to do something drastic but the older man asks me what the point of what I am going to do is since things are going to reset anyway. I am part of a family.

I am in bed and apparently this is a group of developers whose game was affecting reality. They try to fix it but somehow things die down. This is connected to the girl chasing me earlier. I am part of the developer crew and they seem to be working in a space similar to my room but smaller. Suddenly we are relaxing and a woman is stroking my hair.

An entity is showing this girl his power to manipulate things through a round screen of sorts. He makes an overweight man bump into several women and they get upset and attack him. Another woman appears and helps the man and it is shown that these two are the girls father.

My room is transported to a primitive sort of land and I meet a girl whose base is made of wood scaffolding but somehow in her base there are anime posters everywhere, I remember one specifically being Texnolyze. I accidentally break the ladder entrance but I return later and it's fixed.

6/18/2020 - I was participating in a battle bots tournament but with an rc car, I credit that to the William Osman video I was watching before bed. One of the people at the event gave me a free book which he signed. No idea who the man was and why he signed the book. During the event I sat down at the front row. Jerma sits in the same row, to my shock. "Is that jerma 985?!" I ask the person next to me and then Jerma and i started talking about something, then it was a bit awkward.

I am in elementary but the building is much like my own house. A childhood bully of mine was testing my patience so I snap and beat his head in pretty badly. He runs away.

6/18/2020 - I am in bed. there is a female figure in the bedroom that I can only see through my tablet. I hide under my sheets. I look through my tablet. I see the woman is still there getting closer, her face distorts as she does. My father is there in bed to comfort me, much like he did when i was a child, but also becomes fearful of the woman in the tablet.

6/21/2020 - We are going to a party. I am dressed in red and blue and my father is dressed in black. We enter the venue and it appears to be twice the size inside. My grandmother is there.

We are in the street and my cousin is playing with a scooter.

My father is walking with me in the street and stops when he sees my uncle peeking through the gate. He seems visually upset at seeing him. Then they chat for a little bit.

I work for a company with someone who I think i am related to. I enter the elevator and I meet him at a tech office. I have malicious intent that will destroy the company through their database. I upload something into the computers and the whole building seems to panic. My relative/co-worker is at the ground floor waiting for me. He seems to be in on the plan. He offers to buy me food.

My father and I drive to a back alley and park our motorbikes there. I am barefoot. We walk toward an area that seems to have sewage. I step in some sort of slime. We pass by some running water and I am desperate to wash my feet in it. We are now at the university. I am barefoot. The ground is wet and I am uncomfortable. The students are dressed in formal attire. One recognizes me, she waves at me and I look away. We walk toward an area that sells different kinds of merchandise and see a kiosk selling flip flops. We look through it and the shop owner pressures us into buying a pair. We end up not buying anything due to the price.

we are now on a balcony. There are figures dressed in white jumping from roof to roof. They start jumping on to our balcony. They are carrying firearms. They seem to ignore us and one dressed in black enters our house. The one in black begins rummaging through our belongings and I approach him with a bat and hit him square on the head with it. He is knocked out and transforms into an electric guitar. I pick up the guitar and use it as a weapon. The figures in white begin to enter the house and my father tries to block them from entering. Some get through and I hit them with a guitar. I black out and find the house no longer has any white figures trying to enter. The guitar has also disappeared. My father is still at the balcony and tells me that what happened indeed happened. I peek outside and the white figures are running in the streets with guns.

6/22/2020 - the kid from charlie and the chocolate factory calls me into the factory, where willy wonka tells me he's going to stop making chocolate. and gives me the last 2 bars of chocolate. i reason with him but his descision is final. at some point i attempt to break into a window to steal whatever chocolate is left. this funny, since i am allergic to chocolate. My mother points out that willy wonka is still in there, watching old childrens movies on a projector. i change my mind.

the world is inverted and anime figurines and moe posters are on shelves mounted to the wall every few steps, much like an altar for religious uses. i explore a bit and see there is a road paved with orange bricks that goes on for miles. on the opposite side is a megastructure. the sky is blue and the grass is green. i return inside, passing more of the altars. eventually returning to a hotel room that seems very much like my room. an alternate version of my parents are there, i show my father several magazines i had with me and am told to be careful with them, since books and the like are contraband. i head to the bedroom and attempt to cover my shelves that contain manga with plywood. we leave the room and i am transported elsewhere. i return to the hotel room to see medical students have removed all furniture and belongings as a "prank." i lock myself in the bathroom and at some points leave to lash out at the students who seem to not be taking anything seriously. i am given a feedback booklet which i rip in spite.

I am in my sister's highschool classroom. class is about to start. i am given the results of the evaluation from the "prank" earlier and the evaluator seems to agree with me that the "prank" was distasteful.

6/18/2020 - I am in a megastructure that seems to be haphazardly built with white blocks. i traverse this structure and it changes and moves on its own. i am led to a maze. i go through the maze but i am signaled by blocks that emit light. Unfortunately, these are pointing me in the wrong direction. i eventually escape the maze. there is a large worm like thing that emerges from the ground and a platform glows before me

i am at a grocery and i am shopping with my family. the line is long. my cousins seem to be absentminded and ignore that i am trying to queue up to pay for my groceries. i have a fit.

1/20/2022Spores start filling in mansion

8/29/2023 - I was at church looking for a seat but I realize the place I entered is a prison area and I see some of my highschool classmates in there. So I am a bit uncomfy. I exit the booth and suddenly mass is wrapping up? My uncle gives me communion and then tells me were going on lockdown so everyone has to leave. I then go to the parking lot and it's raining. My dad is there, I have two jackets and I accidentally dropped one. I pick it up and give it to my dad so he can brave the rain. He does and tells us to wait. So I wait around and vape a bit but I want cigarettes. My cousin is also just idle and he's taking to this girl who is asking him about his dab pen I think anyway I borrow it and take a hit. I wait for it to kick in and then the people lounging and sitting on the floor suddenly stand up as if they have to go then I wake up

American psycho 3 and the gay guy dies this time

My dad and I are on a plane and it crashes I am a child again I try to get our bags as it is sinking but I continue to sink. My dad grabs me and I ask him what did I not get from the luggage, we lost a little bit of stuff but it was fine. We are suddenly back on the surface and we enter a cantina, the other passengers are headed there too. We sit down and catch our breath , drying ourselves with a towel. My dad is agitated and it agitates me too to the point I end up throwing my phone at his head. Which really was uncalled for. I apologise to him.

I am at a new school, my friend Cydric is also in the new school. It's more of a private school setup. For some reason, I am going on a tangent and kind of got on a whole soapbox about how stupid some other students are. I am the oldest in this setting and a bunch of the students do agree with me except for the class president at first. We all head out to go home and the president calls me back to the classroom and tells me to look at what he wrote on his shirt "totoo" (true) which is basically him saying he agrees with me.

I go down the stairs, it is reminiscent of my elementary schools staircase. There is a line which I assumed was for the bathroom. I jokingly cut the line while meowing ? I was doing a catgirl bit I guess? Anyway I reach the room but I was wrong, they're going to some kind of assembly in a dark classroom and not lining up for the toilets. I head out.

I am at my parents house. My sister is watching a local television show. The show has a few women confront a trans person for wearing women's underwear. They start asking if her dick even work which she says "nah" and then they show her dick and I start changing the channel .

I get ready to go back to school. My mother asks me what my schedule is but apparently I don't have school and it is an online class instead. But I am confused so I go to campus anyway. I travel on a scooter and I'm going relatively fast . Another guy on a scooter is ahead of me and I dodge traffic. I arrive on campus but at a version of the food kiosk that's made of concrete. Ate ganda asks me what I want to buy and I said I don't really want anything I'm headed to class. I try to go through the window because I thought that was the only passage out. My friend tin is there and looks at me funny saying there's a door right there (it blends with the concrete walls as it's also concrete). We laugh

I suddenly am having a flashback to the plane crash. My dad carries me but noticed a child trapped under ice. He tries to save both of us .