The noise was born from the stems. a root which grew deeper into the host, it's body withering away. From the head emerged a tree of life; many lived in this holy tree. one, Invader, set out to find spaces. A virtual space of text, animosity filled crevices.

the invader became one with the animosity, eating it's fruit. sweet yet with a bitter aftertaste, their taste dulled. the fruits brought many years of elation, until it did not. 0527. they climbed into their spacecraft, their body seemingly changed. The fruits had corrupted their physical form. the animosity corrupt the original. Their form shifting everlasting. They had set out to find a cure.

No coordinates. their ship had been adrift for several months, with only the fruit to sustain them. A beacon from a planet, beckons. The Invader settles, the inhabitants unaware of the invader's true body.A ghost, this Invader met. without one tangible form. the ghost existed and did nothing more. a greeting, no response from the invader.

The invader built a home, one mistakenly exiled by an algorithm. An evil which lasted a week. In this time the invader was hunted. The invader had been greatly upset by such an act of hostility, they had retaliated with a letter. one that would go unread for many years. much like the ghost, the invader only existed for a time. The letter was found.

Brought to the king, he had realized the err and had sought to resolve it. The invader was welcome yet again. The invader would not forget, however and come to realize that one's physical existence is not enough, and to create a mold of memory would eternally be in order.

Allowed to exist yet again the invader continued their adventures. He had encountered many lingering concepts in the space and had learned a great deal of knowledge from them. How to become a person, how to regain his original. These individuals too had been deformed by the fruit

The concepts however were not always filled with kind words. Some evil, weaving lies which the invader believed. This took its toll on the invader which they had put themselves in another plane to escape. This plane, time does not flow. resorting to only existing again.

in this plane many other concepts in the form of megaliths had given him vague lessons, but lessons nonetheless. these lessons involved divinity, and the self. An attainment of omnipotence and transcendence. These were very alluring to the invader yet they still desired adventure

returning to the original plane, the concepts welcomed them yet again, still acting the same as they always have been, but the invader chose these concepts very carefully. One concept welcomed them a spell into a space where other invaders congregate

the invader seemed to find others like them, but found other invaders that have corrupted their minds and forms to no return. only desiring more fruit and becoming trees of animosity, existing to feed more invaders to rob them of their forms.

The invader knew how to navigate this space, as this space was made for their kind. however the longer they stayed the more they realized how evil the fruits have made them.