loud noise resonates and finds its way into the caverns of your ear. It scrapes the wall of your skull, speaking in words that only fill you with resentment for the resonance within. Agonizing, it won't stop; It pauses, but you wish you could tear yourself apart.

It moves. From one area to another. Hoping to leech off as much as it can widespread that it may not be found. It does not want to be found and understood so it changes, each time becoming more violent. You become violent. It finds it's way into your lungs, your forehead, your hands, and even in between your bones.

You don't know how to remove it. you ignore it hoping it goes away. It doesn't. You become angry and it hurts. god does it hurt. as long as you let it thrive it will stay.

You think of drastic measures. It will hurt all the same.